Garden maintenance

Overview of jobs and local projects posted by companies and jobs by private individuals for freelancers. As a freelancer you can search for a freelance project or job and make a quotation. Do you have a freelance project or temporary vacancy in your company or a job for freelancers, then post it for free on and hire a freelance professional.

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Do you have a freelance project or job, you can post a project for free within seconds and hire a handyman or freelancer.

Onder andere schoffelen, onkruid wieden, onkruid verwijderen tussen tegels tegen een redelijk prijs.

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Achterstallig tuinonderhoud

Onze smalle tuin van 40 meter diep heeft nog amper onderhoud gehad dit jaar. Het gaat om weghalen van alle overbodig groen,…

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Periodiek snoeiwerkzaamheden tuin uitvoeren

Periodiek snoeiwerkzaamheden verrichten in de tuin. Tuin is circa 140 m2.

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Tuin ontdoen van bramenstruikwortels

Het verwijderen van de wortels van bramen struiken.

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6 coniferen fors snoeien

1 conifeer uit toppen en 6 snoeien.

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Parkeerplaatsen met onkruidverdelger bespuiten

Parkeerplaatsen met verdelger bespuiten.

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Tuinman met spoed

Eenmalig/wekelijks onderhoud tuin.

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Algemeen terugkerend onderhoud tuin

Algemeen onderhoud tuin, grasmaaien, snoeien, harken

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Begroeiing van hedera van de muur afhalen, muur reinigen en snoeiwerk

De begroeiing van de muur afhalen tot aan het begin van het dak, snoeiwerk in de tuin en reinigen van de muur en planten weghalen.…

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Beitsen tuinschutting

Graag zoek ik een tuinman die mijn schuttingen zou willen totaal is het 22 m ongeveer.

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Jobs and local projects

For all jobs in or around the house or in the garden you can find a handyman. For private individuals with a job that can be done within a few hours, as well for companies with a freelance project of one or more days or for a longer period. If you want to get rid of a tree in your garden, have a dormer window installed, have a new lawn or terrace laid, post a job and let handymen respond. Wallpapering, painting, bricklaying, placing fencing, you can hire a handyman from the region for all conceivable jobs. Companies looking for temporary reinforcement or for a longer period can attract local handymen by posting a project. In the technical categories of work such as construction or metal there are many handymen or contractors that you can hire.

Hire a freelancer, contractor or handyman

If you are looking for a handyman from the region for a project in your company or for performing a job on location, you can post a project or job and hire a professional. Private individuals with a job in or around the house can also post a job and hire a handyman. You can post a job for every conceivable job. For household help, placing a fence, sawing a tree or removing shrubs, painting, masonry, for every job you post you can receive multiple quotes from handymen and contractors to which you can respond.